Virginia Passes Popular Vote Pact, Gives Driver’s Licenses To Illegals, Bans ‘Assault Weapons’

Virginia Democrats are capitalizing on their newly-won majority and have effectively become a printing press for liberal talking points.

In just the last few days, the Democratic-controlled legislature has passed a bill surrendering the state’s electoral votes to the winner of the presidential popular vote, they have given illegal immigrants the right to have a driver’s license, and they have banned the AR-15.

CNN reports HB 177, if signed into law, would add Virginia into the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact—an agreement upon participating states which would promise their collective electoral votes toward the winner of the national popular vote.

“Currently, 15 states and the District of Columbia have joined the compact, for a total of 196 electoral votes, according to National Popular Vote Inc., the organization leading the effort. Most recently, Oregon joined the pact last June. If Virginia were to join, with its 13 electoral votes, the total would bump up to 209,” the report adds.


“This idea that some American citizens should have more power than other American citizens to choose the president of the United States, I, frankly, find profoundly offensive,” Del. Mark Levine, the sponsor of the bill, told CNN over the phone.

Levine noted that presidential candidates tend to campaign only in a handful of bellwether states rather than visiting all of them — a strategy that tends to slight heavily Republican and Democratic states, whose votes are less likely to be up for grabs.

Levine hopes that such a bill will bring out voters who feel they are ignored in major election cycles and improve Election Day turnout.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz said the decision robs Virginia voters of their individuality and their standing in the democratic-republic system of government. Instead, they will become subject to the will of more populated states like New York and California.

“VA House votes to give all of Virginia’s votes to California & New York,” he tweeted. “Because that’s definitely in the interest of Virginians. Jefferson & Madison would be appalled.”

Virginia Democrats also passed a bill allowing the state’s illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses.

CNN reports:

The measure, SB 34, which passed on a near-party-line vote of 22-18, would allow taxpaying Virginians who can prove their identities and that they know how to drive to obtain one-year driver’s permits. It’s the latest progressive action taken by Democrats, who took over both chambers of Virginia’s Legislature last month and have since passed bills ranging from gun restrictions to ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment.

Current Virginia law requires those applying for licenses to provide proof of “legal presence” to show they are authorized to be in the country.

Under the Drivers Privilege Cards program, individuals would have to pass written and road tests and maintain insurance. The bill now heads to the House of Delegates. If signed into law by Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam, who has previously expressed support for such a measure, it would go into effect on January 1, 2021.

These changes also came with an “assault weapons” ban across the state, which passed on Tuesday.

“The law bans so-called assault weapons, outlawing future sales. This bans popular models such as the AR-15, one of the most popular guns in America. Yet, the wide-ranging ban also makes it a crime to possess or transfer certain magazines. Virginians would have a year to comply and turn them in. If they don’t, they could face jail time,” the Washington Examiner reports.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson addressed the ban during a segment on his show, saying the bill would actually punish law-abiding citizens and not criminals.

“The State of Virginia have some of the lowest crime rates in America. Despite that, Democrats are determined to curtail the constitutional rights of its citizens. The House of Delegates in Virginia just approved a new gun control legislation promoted by Governor Klan costume, Governor blackface Ralph Northam,” Carlson said per Fox News.

“The bill, if it passed the Senate would ban the sale of so-called assault weapons, whatever those are. It would also ban all gun magazines that carry more than a dozen rounds, which is a lot of them,” he added.