Pete Buttigieg’s Brother-In-Law, A Christian Pastor, Calls Him a ‘Modern-Day Pharisee’ And Says He’s ‘Weaponizing’ His Faith

Pastor Rhyan Glezman, the 34-year-old brother-in-law of Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, says his brother ought to “repent” for “weaponizing” tennats of the Christian faith to garner political support.

The Washington Examiner reports Glezman is speaking out against his own brother-in-law because of Buttigieg’s views on abortion.

Buttigieg is not only a pro-choice liberal but claimed during a radio interview that “the Bible teaches life does not begin until a baby first draws breath,” the Washington Examiner reports.

According to the report, Buttigieg made the claim during an interview with The Breakfast Club radio show where he criticized Republicans: “Right now, they hold everybody in line with this one piece of doctrine about abortion. Then again, there’s a lot of parts of the Bible that talk about how life begins with breath. So even that is something we can interpret differently.”

Buttigieg’s brother-in-law, bothered by the false claims, said he felt obligated to speak out: “I feel a sense of responsibility and stewardship of my faith to stand up and say something, to say, ‘No, that’s not true.'”

Glezman continued: “God places a very high value on all human life. Everyone is created fearfully and wonderfully in the image of God with intrinsic value.”

And, “That doesn’t start at the first breath, it starts when we enter our mother’s womb.”

As the Washington Examiner reports, Glezman went as far as to call Buttigieg a “hypocrite.”

“If we’re going to say we’re for all people and we love all people, but we don’t value human life in the womb, that’s being a hypocrite. You’re hypocritical if you don’t stand up for all life. So that’s why I’m speaking out,” the pastor said.

Glezman later took to Twitter to encourage his brother-in-law “to repent from this radical false teaching.”

“God does not endorse this nonsense, only false religion does,” he added.

“This isn’t a little issue, especially when we’re talking about life,” he also said per the report. “This is not just a political conversation. We’re talking about human life. These are human beings.”

“What we see is a modern-day Pharisee,” Glezman said of his brother-in-law, comparing him to the 1st-century Jewish religious teachers that Jesus would publicly ridicule. They would study and know the Jewish law but would act in a self-seeking manner, using the law when it was convenient or profitable for them. “Buttigieg is a person who’s making up their own rules and regulations and, basically, if we don’t celebrate and endorse their interpretation of Scripture, our religion is fallible. And that’s just not true.”

The Washington Examiner adds:

Glezman, who is the elder brother of the South Bend mayor’s husband, Chasten, 30, believes Buttigieg’s continual use of Christian terminology to defend his liberal policies is an attempt “to seem appealing to the evangelical community,” while also falling in line with the dictates of the Democratic Party. “I think he’s just going along with the agenda of the Democratic Party: that if you want to be a Democrat, you have to be pro-choice.”

Reflecting on the 2020 Democratic candidates, Glezman said, “When I look at every single one of them, their policies, their beliefs, it’s very anti-American. It’s very anti-life. It’s very anti-God. They all have the same rhetoric, and that’s the path they’re deciding to go down. You see it right down the board. I don’t understand why a Democrat can’t come out and say, ‘I believe life in the womb is valuable.'”