Watch: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Says ‘Concentration Camps’ Has No Nazi Connection While ‘America First’ Does

The United States is heading towards the implementation of concentration camps with a despotic leader in the White House according to the like of Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The New York congresswoman took to Twitter where she said the Trump administration’s decision to detain overwhelming influxes of migrants to process their asylum requests was relatable to the way Nazi soldiers in the Second World War rounded up and killed millions of people.

“This administration has established concentration camps on the southern border of the United States for immigrants, where they are being brutalized with dehumanizing conditions and dying,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted.

She added:


These comments were quickly and widely shared across social media and were soon picked up by mainstream media news outlets.

One news outlet which covered the comments was CNN, who defended them. CNN’s Chris Cuomo and CNN contributor Angela Rye said Ocasio-Cortez was right in the way she was describing America, the Washington Examiner reports:

Rye was on Chris Cuomo’s show Tuesday to debate Steve Cortes, a fellow CNN commentator, who’s a Trump supporter.

“What we have now are foreign citizens who are trespassing into the United States overwhelming for economic reasons, and we know that to be true historically and presently because the director of [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] just told us 90% are not showing up for their asylum hearings, they’re not legitimate refugees, they’re economic migrants who have decided on their own when and how they can become American citizens and that’s not the right away,” Cortes argued.

Rye continued, via the report: “I don’t know when we decided that a humanitarian crisis could be defined whether or not someone is carrying a green card or whether or not someone has their papers.”

“Before we are American, we are human beings and it is not okay, it is a damn shame what is happening at this border and the fact that you’re going to justify it by economics, let me just tell you, there are a whole lot of people making a whole lot of money by having these people in detention centers,” she added.

And, “In 1933 there were concentration camps. In 1941, they were death camps and that is where we are going if our consciouses are not quickly pierced, it is a problem — do not laugh it off.”

An interaction during the interview pitted Cuomo against Cortes, when the Republican noted the extremist language Ocasio-Cortez and Rye were using to describe the immigration detention centers at the southern border.

Cortes described how “concentration camps” were loaded words used intentionally to connote fear. He remarked that Ocasio-Cortez also used the phrase “never again,” a phrase directly connected to the Holocaust, to hyperbolically depict the immigration situation.

From Fox News:

Pro-Trump commentator Steven Cortes blasted Ocasio-Cortez, saying “we all know what the connotation of concentration camps is” and that “99” out of 100 people would say the term is connected to Nazism. Cortes also noted that the lawmaker had used the phrase “never again,” which is “specifically linked to the Holocaust.”

“She also demeans the current American citizens, many of whom are Hispanic, who do the very hard and dangerous work of guarding our border,” Cortes said. “She equated them by association to Nazi SS guards and that is disgraceful. AOC should apologize at the least and probably resign.”

“You did not have similar problems with the phrase ‘America First,’ which is equally stained,” Cuomo shot back. “Or the word ‘nationalist,’ which is equally stained.”

“No,” Cortes shook his head. “I’ve totally disagreed that it’s a stained word.”

“You may, but you are wrong,” the CNN anchor declared.

“No, I’m not,” Cortes reacted. “You don’t get to define what nationalism means for me.”

Check it out: