Here’s Why Liberals Are Calling Tim Allen Racist This Morning

Conservative actor Tim Allen is trending all over Twitter on Wednesday morning. The reason? Because liberals are accusing him of being a racist.

Liberals stopped liking the iconic actor who is known for his roles in Toy Story, Home Improvement, and the Santa Clause just as soon as he started to support President Trump. This rage took to dismantling Allen’s career resulting in the cancellation of Allen’s hit show “Last Man Standing,” despite it being a top show on television, as it had conservative overtones.

Now, Allen is a racist because he does not know how to play spades. We can’t make this up, people.

“We saw that actor Tim Allen was trending and, of course, we immediately thought he was either dead or it was his birthday,” Twitchy reports. “Nope. It’s dumber than that…”

A recently resurfaced video shows Allen and Toy Story co-star Tom Hanks in an interview where they are talking about the card game Spades.

The two are asked about a potential game situation where he and his partner both think they can win four hands. Should they wager nine or go big for ten, asked the interviewer.

Hanks answers the question enthusiastically. But, Allen does not know what the game is. Check it out:

Take a look at these reactions:

According to Twitchy, the interview occurred a whopping six years ago and is just now going viral as Allen and Hanks are traveling with the rest of the Toy Story 4 cast to kick off Walt Disney’s annual Toy Delivery in Orlando, Florida.

The initiative involves going and reading to children in the hospital, as well as other philanthropic things.