Trump 2020 Campaign Draws Unprecedented First Quarter Donations, Towering Over Dem Challengers

President Trump is gearing up for his 2020 re-election effort and if his first quarter donations are any indication, he will have no problem toppling whoever wins the Democratic primary.

Trump’s campaign announced they had raised over $30 million in the first quarter with 99 percent of those donations being at $200 or less, BizPac Review reports. The average donation was a mere $34.26, signaling a tremendous grassroots campaign coming out to support the president.

BizPac Review reports the $30.3 million raised in the first quarter makes the total cash on hand for the campaign $40.8 million, an “unprecedented bankroll for a candidate this early in a campaign.”

Here’s more from the report:

The Republican National Committee (RNC) is also drawing in donations at a mind-boggling pace … $45.8 million–a record for a non-election year quarter. Combined, the President’s re-election war chest has already reached $82 million.

On the lefty side of the ledger, Sen. Bernie Sanders leads the Democrat pack, having collected $18 million in the quarter. Sen. Kamala Harris “placed” with $12 million. ‘Beto’ O’Rourke “showed” with $9.4 million.

For perspective, according to the Associated Press, President Barack Obama had less than $2 million in cash at this point of his 2012 re-election campaign.

Campaigning efforts and its subsequent fundraising goes up as the election nears. In 2012, the Obama re-election campaign ended up garnering $720 million to defeat then-Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

President Trump is looking to topple that figure as he has set a $1 billion fundraising goal.

Campaign Manager Brad Parscale said Trump “is in a vastly stronger position at this point than any previous incumbent president running for re-election, and only continues to build momentum,” BizPac Review reports.

Michael Glassner, chief operating officer for the campaign, said the fundraising effort for Trump’s re-election comes on the back of the president continuing to fulfill campaign promises he made in 2016′ they are a “true testament to President Trump’s fulfillment of his promises made to the forgotten men and women of America.”

“Midway through the first term of his presidency, President Donald Trump continues to deliver on his campaign promises to the American people and they continue to demonstrate their support for him in contributions to his reelection campaign,” Glassner said via BizPac Review.