‘Put Up Or Bow Out’! Fox’s Trish Regan Torches Adam Schiff So Badly That She Gets a Shout-Out from POTUS

Fox Business Network’s Trish Regan ripped Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff during her Thursday primetime show for continuing to claim Russian collusion—earning applause from President Trump as a result.

As BizPac Review reports, the host of “Trish Regan Primetime” said the House Intelligence Chairman had nothing to support his allegations of Russian collusion because Special Counsel Robert Mueller was not even able to find anything.

“So, Robert Mueller comes forward with no collusion and yet Mr. Adam Schiff has evidence of something else entirely?” Regan asked, via BizPac Review.

“It’s time for Congressman Schiff to show us that evidence, if he has it,” the host added. “Put up or bow out, instead of going on television night after night to cast aspersions on the president without any kind of proof.”

Here’s more, from BizPac Review:

Regan made the declaration in such a thorough beat down of the Democrat that she earned a show of gratitude from the president.

Schiff is chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, so a suggestion that special counsel Robert Mueller got it wrong carries weight — a suggestion that comes on the heels of an exhaustive 2-year investigation that burned through $30 million.

As for the claim that Schiff is going on television night after night to disparage the president, the head of the powerful select committee did so as recent at Wednesday, when he appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” to again claim that there is ample evidence of collusion.

“There’s plenty of evidence of collusion and corrupt co-mingling of work between the Trump campaign and the Russians,” the lawmaker declared. “But I fully accept that as a prosecutor that [Mueller] couldn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that crime.”

Regan was not done with her destruction of the top Democrat.

“It’s the height of selfishness,” Regan said. “Schiff cares not for the well-being of his country, but rather his own political prospects and the political prospects of his party.”

“I’d like it if, maybe for just once, politicians could look out for the nation instead of themselves,” she continued, via BizPac Review. “Adam Schiff says there is quote ‘evidence’ in [the Mueller report], then lets see it, sir, for goodness sakes! He hasn’t even seen the report. What kind of evidence is he citing? Is this the same evidence that [former CIA Director] John Brennan was citing? The man who now admits that he might have gotten some ‘bad information.’”

President Trump tweeted a video of Regan’s remarks and thanked her for the hardened stance against Schiff—who Trump often criticizes.

President Trump called for Schiff’s resignation late last month for “two years knowingly and unlawfully lying and leaking.”