Eric Swalwell Joins Democratic 2020 Race, Will Center Campaign Around Gun Control

Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell is reportedly planning to announce next week his official bid for the presidency in 2020.

According to the Hill, Swalwell is running primarily on issues concerning gun control and regulation.

The Hill reports:

The Atlantic reported Thursday that Swalwell will announce his plans during an appearance on CBS’s “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” where he will be joined by Cameron Kasky, a survivor of the 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla.

Swalwell, who is hosting a town hall on gun control next week in Florida, did not confirm his plans to The Atlantic, but said he thinks gun control should be a top issue in 2020.

“We are doing a town hall in Parkland,” he told The Atlantic. “And I do believe that gun safety has to be a top 2020 issue.”

Swalwell has used his social media presence to speak out against gun violence across the United States, tweeting as recently as Wednesday: “We WILL end gun violence. Together.”

In another tweet that is pinned to the top of his Twitter page, a man is cursing at him over his anti-gun policies. The man also seemingly threatens Swalwell’s life in the voicemail.

“I’m not afraid of this guy,” Swalwell tweeted with the video. “I’m not afraid of the NRA. I’m not afraid. No fear.”

NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch immediately responded to the tweet and said the accusation that the man was associated with the NRA was false.

“Where in the world do you get that this nut job is the NRA? Another incredibly reckless accusation from someone who once said they’d nuke law-abiding gun owners if they didn’t turn in their firearms,” she tweeted.

According to the Hill, Swalwell has debated joining the race for some time and said he now believes he can win his party’s nomination and ultimately beat President Trump’s re-election effort.

“There are three questions I’ve asked myself,” he said last month. “Do I think I can make a difference? Do I think I can win? Because I don’t think — even if you can make a difference, if you can’t win, it’s a hell of a sacrifice to take your family and friends and home constituents through.”

The Daily Caller adds:

The 38-year-old Swalwell was first elected to the House of Representatives in 2012, and is serving in his fourth term representing California’s 15th district.

A member of the House Intelligence Committee, Swalwell has emerged as a strong critic of President Donald Trump, and has been one of several prominent Democrats to ferociously contest Attorney General Bill Barr’s conclusion that the Mueller report could not find evidence of collusion between Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and Russia.

There are currently 18 Democrats running for president, exceeding the record number of Republicans who ran in 2016.

Several conservatives took to Twitter to remind the American public that Swalwell—who now wants to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate—once suggested the government could use nukes to win a prospective battle with its armed populace.

The line came from the idea that gun owners have their firearms as a form of resistance against a tyrannical government. Swalwell said the government has weapons of mass destruction at their disposal and would win a theoretical fight very quickly.