MUST SEE: Dan Crenshaw Produces AMAZING Pro-Life Video At ‘March For Life’

The nation’s largest pro-life, anti-abortion march took place on Friday where more than a hundred thousand people walked down the streets of Washington D.C. and gave a voice to the unborn.

Didn’t hear about it? That’s probably because many mainstream media outlets avoid reporting on the annual march.

This year was the 46th iteration of the pro-life march which is held each year on the anniversary of  Roe v. Wade.

New Congressman Dan Crenshaw made an unexpected—but surely welcomed—visit to the march, joining alongside people who were advocating that an unborn person should have a right to life.

More than 60 million abortions have been performed since the Supreme Court decision in 1973, Life News reports.

Crenshaw recorded his visit and shared the video on his Twitter. It was widely shared, having 15,000 retweets and more than 64,000 likes at the time of publication.

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“Hey everybody, we’re at the March for Life in Washington, D.C.,” Crenshaw said in the video, via the Western Journal.

“We’re here because we value life and we understand how important it is for our country,” the Texas freshman Congressman continued as those people in the crowd behind him loudly cheered.

“This is an awesome crowd,” he said. “So happy to be here with all you guys.”

“March for Life! Defending the value of the unborn,” the congressman from Texas captioned his video.

Check it out:

The Western Journal adds:

In an interview with Breitbart News at the event, Crenshaw said that he was there to show “support for the value of life at all points in the human life cycle.”

“Our cause needs to be messaging … and helping people who are on the other side of this to understand the default position is human life,” Crenshaw told Breitbart.

“The default position is pro-life,” he added. “We shouldn’t be using euphemisms to talk about abortion such as pro-choice or part of the body, or reproduction rights.”

“We should be talking about it in a more honest sense and understanding the human life cycle starts at conception and has value and should be protected as such.”

Here’s more from Crenshaw: