Boom, ROASTED: Kellyanne Conway Takes Flamethrower To CNN’s Jim Acosta

Kellyanne Conway may not have used any WWE wrestling moves during her verbal clash with CNN’s Jim Acosta on Tuesday, but she did slam him in every metaphorical sense of the word.

There were no fireworks, no grand entrance or wrestling ring, but the counselor to the president and the CNN journalist faced off outside of the White House and clashed ahead of President Trump’s address to the nation.

Acosta kicked things off with a swipe at President Trump and asked Conway if the president planned on telling the truth in his evening address on the humanitarian and security crisis at the southern border.

“Kellyanne, can you promise the president will tell the truth tonight?” Acosta asked, undoubtedly looking to score a quick sound bite or viral moment. “Will he tell the truth?”

Conway quickly called him out, firing back: “Yes, Jim. Do you promise that you will? The whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God? Am I allowed to mention God to you?”

“I will,” Acosta answered. “I’m not the one who has the alternative facts problem like you do and the president.”

“Jim, make sure that goes viral,” Conway continued: “This is why, by the way—this is why I am one of the only people around here who even gives you the time of day. Let me get back in your face because you’re such a smarta** most of the time and I know you want this to go viral.”

“A lot of these people don’t like you,” Conway said pointing to the other reporters. “Let me just be respectful to the media at large as I always am. I explained that it was alternative information and additional facts. and, I explained it many times.

Dialing up the heat, Conway added: “Don’t you put it back in my face for all corrections your network needs to issue. I was on your network 25 or 26 times in 2018. I’m one of the last people here who even bothered to go on, and the disrespect you show to me personally, I’ll just look past it.”

Acosta was able to muster enough of his pride to respond with one word.

“Ma’am,” Acosta said to Conway, who scolded him again.

“Don’t call me ma’am just to make it up,” Conway quickly shot back.



It was reported in 2018, shortly after Acosta was banned from the White House because of an altercation with an intern, that other reporters at the White House affairs were not fans of him.

Red State reports:

According to Ryan Saavedra at the Daily Wire, one member of the White House press corps said “Acosta’s one-man show” is more an attempt to “[get] his own show on CNN” than it is about actually asking decent questions and reporting the news.

This sentiment about Acosta is apparently not uncommon. Former Press Secretary to the Trump Administration, Sean Spicer, recalls hearing very similar things said about Acosta during his time there and will tell you privately how little they think of Acosta.

“There is clearly a group of journalists that are disgusted and find Mr. Acosta’s behavior out of line,” Spicer said. “But, what happens is, and I wrote about this in my book, that there’s a bunch of groupthink and fear about going against the groupthink that they all face in there. And so, right now they all feel compelled to come out and say. But privately, they’ll tell you that they find his behavior unacceptable and doesn’t bode well for their industry.”