William Shatner Goes To WAR Over ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside,’ Claims People Are Too Easily Offended

Hollywood legend and television icon William Shatner just went to war with the “politically correct” culture over the song lyrics of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”

Following the Thanksgiving holiday, Christmas music began playing on radio stations across the country. A short time later, the song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” was pulled from some radio stations because some people complained about what they perceived as the song’s suggestive overtones. Shatner said these people are misinterpreting the lyrics and should get over themselves.

Reminiscent of his Captain Kirk days in the television series “Star Trek,” Shatner took on the entire fleet of the politically correct culture, saying they need to stop being so easily offended.

Check it out, via BizPac Review:

“Call in to CBC radio all day and get them to play “Baby It’s Cold Outside” over and over until midnight!” the anti-PC warrior (or captain, if you will) tweeted Tuesday in response to a report that CBC Radio was slated to ban the classic song at the end of the day.


As BizPac Review reports, Shatner’s initial comment was met with a barrage of responses—which weren’t all from supporters:

But while this willingness to stand up to the mob earned him accolades from some, it also triggered another war: One between the legendary actor and his Twitter followers.

“Congrats Bill, never let sex assault victims get in the way of your fun,” one particularly exasperated follower named “Wiggin” wrote in a sarcastic tweet.

The lyrics of the song tell the story of a man trying to convince a woman to stay with him at his house during a cold evening instead of returning to her own home.

Though the woman repeatedly says “no,” the man playfully persists by pouring her drinks and arguing, “Baby, it’s cold outside. … Think of my lifelong sorrow! … If you caught pneumonia and died!”

By the end of the song, the woman agrees to stay, singing, “Okay fine, just another drink then.” And according to social justice warriors like “Wiggin,” this amounts to date rape.

Captaining through the turbulent responses, Shatner addressed the criticisms head-on:

Many others agreed with Shatner and said he was not only right to defend the song, but to take on those who were offended by “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”