‘I’m Not Giving Up My Rights’: Singer Kaya Jones Unloads On Gun Protestors In Fiery Rant

Chrystal Neria, whose stage name is Kaya Jones and who is known for her role in the Pussycat Dolls, recently sounded off on the gun debate amid protests across the country.

As students planned walk-outs from their respective schools in an attempt to send a message to lawmakers in Washington D.C., the singer voiced her opinion over social media.

The singer, who has performed solo since 2004 is a vocal Trump supporter and Second Amendment advocate.

“Her public persona isn’t shy about voicing her conservative beliefs, which she did in a series of posts on Wednesday in reaction to the walkout,” Fox News reports.

Check it out:

“They have their right to walk out & I have my right to bear arms. I’m not giving up my rights because a crazy man killed people. I’m holding on right to my rights so if a crazy man tries to kill me he’s got another thing coming. It’s called freedom,” Jones tweeted, accompanying the post with a link on the protests.

“This whole walk out on guns is a joke,” the artist claimed. “You realize that in order to protect kids we need guns. The signs that read protect kids not guns are so unaware. You need a gun to fight a gun. It’s not a want it’s a fact. And it’s my right to be able to protect myself. #ItsCalledFreedom.”

“Stop attacking the weapon. Remember there’s a brain and a body behind each choice. You can use a hammer as a weapon. What’s a weapon? Anything between you and whoever you want to harm. You are trained this is fighting classes. Anything is a weapon. A gun is just a faster one.”

“If you’ve ever been attacked in your life and didn’t want to learn everything about attackers or weapons you are being foolish. It’s therapeutic and empowering to know how to fight back. It’s better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have. #ItsCalledFreedom.”

“Bad people kill people. Bad people use whatever they fancy to inflict harm. Bad people. Now don’t punish good people who want to protect themselves for the actions of Bad people. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people and just happen to use a gun.”

“I get it kids when I was a kid I’d use any excuse to leave the classroom. You’ll never take our guns away,” she later tweeted.

Her rant continued some hours later:

“You believe it’s the person when it’s a 👮 police officer that fires his weapon, but not with a bad guy? Hmm🤔 doesn’t make sense,” the singer tweeted on Wednesday evening.

“I’m not sure people today know what they are fighting for. Many people in history had good intentions that ended horribly. Don’t let history repeat itself. Find the real problem but it isn’t weapons.”

“Not very fearless leaving school to scream lies and propaganda. I think the kids that stayed in school were the fearless ones today. They decided education was more important than a march and I agree and stand with them.”

“If today’s march wasn’t politically driven why were there members or congress and state leaders at them? Politicians needed to use kids as they can’t get anyone to pay attention to their press conferences so they needed the youth. Pathetic.”

“If 18 is not old enough to buy a gun it’s not old enough to make laws on guns.”