Months After Cadet Posts Pro-Communism Photo, Navy Mocks Army In Brutal Way

Navy midshipmen had a good time mocking the Army during the annual face-off on Saturday, taunting their opposition with a banner that read “not communist” and other similar material, according to BizPacReview.

The posters were in reference to photos posted by a West Point Cadet earlier this year who’d hidden a sheet reading “communism will win” in his cap during his graduation ceremony.

Check it out:

The cadet, Spenser Rapone, made headlines after the stunt. He’d also posted photos of himself wearing a Fidel Castro t-shirt under his uniform.

Navy midshipmen were reportedly shouting “communists” to drown out the cheers in favor of the Army.

Despite the 118-year rivalry, however, Navy and Army came together in the most important way—with a national anthem performance that brought shame upon the NFL.