People Across The Nation Are Boycotting The NFL This Weekend For One BIG Reason

Months ago, with NFL players continuing to sit or kneel during the playing of the National Anthem, there began a movement to boycott the NFL on Veterans Day weekend.

Hundreds of thousands of people have committed to the boycott or joined groups on various social media pages in a show of unity to contest the NFL this weekend.

Many fans (former fans?) of the sport discontinued watching the football games because they viewed the anthem protests as disrespectful to the flag and those who serve to protect it.

Although Veterans Day is tomorrow, when no NFL games are being played, the ‘Boycott The NFL’ protests started yesterday and extend until the Monday night game between the Miami Dolphins and the Carolina Panthers.

Via CBS Denver:

“We’re the people that fought and defended the freedom to protest. There is a time and a place to protest,” said Lackawanna County Council of Veterans Commander Joe Albert.

The Council of Veterans say they are not condemning athletes using their platforms to protest, but as soldiers who have served active duty, they feel protesting the flag and the National Anthem is disrespecting the country they have fought for.

Now, many veterans say they have turned the games off, and that they will take part in a national boycott of all NFL games on Sunday, Nov. 12, the day after Veterans Day.

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