Biden Tops Trump In New Head-to-Head Poll During Coronavirus Outbreak

Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden beats President Trump in a new head-to-head poll published by Fox News and it’s not even close.

The former vice president tops the current man in the White House by nine points, 49 percent to 40 percent, far outside the poll’s margin of error.

So, is Biden gaining momentum amid the coronavirus outbreak?

Not likely, as USA Today reports the figures are close to what they were in February:

The margin is basically unchanged since the last Fox News poll, which was conducted in February, when Biden led Trump 49% to 41%.

Besides gaining support from liberals, non-whites and moderates, Biden bested Trump in two categories critical to his re-election: suburban women and voters ages 65 and older.

Trump largely won the support of conservatives, white men, and whites without a college degree, as well as white evangelical Christians and those who regularly attend religious services.

A majority of voters polled also approved of Biden’s promise to pick a female running-mate.

Perhaps Biden is continuing to capitalize on mainstream media efforts to take down Trump amid the global pandemic.

It’s possible.

Mainstream media unashamedly backs the Left, especially at the detriment of President Trump. As Trump looks to do everything he can—every power the Constitution affords him—to help protect American workers, he is met with near-constant criticism from some mainstream media outlets.

Despite this mostly negative coverage, many polls point to a majority of Americans supporting the president and his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Politico reports:

An ABC News/Washington Post poll released on Friday reports that 51 percent of respondents view Trump’s management of the outbreak in the United States favorably, with 36 percent approving strongly and 15 percent approving somewhat.

Less than half of those surveyed, 45 percent, gave the president negative marks for his response efforts, with 36 percent disapproving strongly and 8 percent disapproving somewhat. Four percent had no opinion.

“According to Fox News, the poll was conducted from March 21-24, 2020 under the joint direction of Beacon Research (D) and Shaw & Company (R), and included interviews with 1,011 randomly chosen registered voters nationwide. The poll has a margin of a sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points,” USA Today reports.