Joe Biden Tells Gun Owners: ‘No One Needs An AR-15’

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden does not believe anyone “needs” to own an AR-15, one of the most common rifles in America.

According to the former vice president, those “weapons of war” should be completely outlawed and removed from “our communities.”

“No one needs an AR-15. Period. We have to get these weapons of war out of our communities,” Biden tweeted on Saturday afternoon.

No one needs an AR-15.

“No one ‘needs’ $83,000 a month for a no-show job in a foreign country either, but your son took the gig anyway,” former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino said in response.

Several others took issue with Biden telling them what he thinks they need, Twitchy reports.

“Good thing you don’t get to decide what I need. Only I get to decide that,” one user responded with a picture of several guns.