Will Smith Reacts Quickly After Man Exhibits Dangerous Gun Handling On Set Of ‘Bad Boys 3’

Even on a Hollywood set, with prop guns in use, actor Will Smith knows that proper gun safety should still be exhibited.

While on set for “Bad Boys 3,” Smith and his co-stars were taken to a table full of prop firearms when Smith put his knowledge of gun safety to use when a cast member exhibited what Smith called “terrible gun safety,” correcting his behavior.

The unidentified individual reached across the table, picked up the firearm and unintentionally pointed it at Smith and others.

Smith quickly reacted, pushing the gun’s barrel towards the ground, seizing the firearm, confirming it was unloaded and properly handing it back.

“Terrible gun safety,” Smith then says to the cameraman on-set, with a smile.

The incident was recorded and uploaded to Smith’s Instagram and his nearly 42 million followers, so they, too, could learn some gun safety tips.

Watch the exchange below:

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It’s BAD Boys. Not UNSAFE Boys. 🤦🏾‍♂️

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Despite the prop guns in use, Smith and responsible gun owners acknowledge that proper gun safety should be exhibited at all times.

The Western Journal reports Smith adequately followed the first four main rules of gun safety:

The first of the four main rules of gun safety is to always treat every firearm as if it were loaded, which is exactly what Smith did by double-checking the weapon that he had just seen picked up off the table of presumably unloaded prop guns.

The second rule of gun safety, which Smith’s co-star didn’t observe and which drew the action star’s corrective actions, is to always ensure the muzzle is never pointed at anything or anyone that you don’t want to shoot. In that, Smith was correct to knock the muzzle down and away from him and then keep it pointed downward as he double-checked that it was unloaded and handed it back to the other man in a safe manner.

The third rule, which it appears was not violated by Smith or the other man, is to always keep your finger off the trigger until you are actually ready to fire the weapon. This rule’s purpose is to reduce the likelihood of a negligent or “accidental” discharge of a loaded gun.

The fourth and final rule, which was presumably violated along with the second rule by the other man, is to always know what is around and behind your intended target, such as innocent people who could potentially be hit by a stray bullet or a round that passes all the way through the intended target.