‘Four More Years’: Trump, Melania Met With Cheers During College Football Championship Game

President Trump and First Lady Melania had front row seats at the College Football Championship game where they saw LSU beat the defending champions, the Clemson Tigers, 42 to 25.

While many news outlets covered the game and itis outcome, few are willing to talk about Trump’s appearance at the game and the massive ovation he received when taking to the field for the National Anthem.

Coming out of the locker room areas and setting his presidential heels to the astroturf field, the crowd roared with excitement.

“USA, USA, USA,” the crowd thunderously chanted. At which time, Trump paused, recognizing the chant, and thanked the crowd for their patriotism.

Then those cheering tuned their support in favor of the president.

“Four more years!” they hailed, a clear reference to President Trump’s upcoming re-election campaign which culminates on November 3rd of this year.

“It wasn’t a Trump rally, but it could have been,” BizPac Review reports, recognizing the show of support for Trump. “A long, roaring ovation greeted POTUS and the First Lady as they walked across the field at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans Monday evening before the NCAA National Championship Game.”

BizPac Review continued:

One can almost imagine the Superdome crowd engaging in a voice vote on the pending impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate, and their support for President Trump being heard loud and clear all the way to D.C.

Democrats no doubt had to plug their ears to get through the patriotic moment, but Republicans in the Senate at the very least received the resounding message sent from the heart of football-nation.

Trump stayed to watch the game, ultimately witnessing the Louisiana State University (LSU) Tigers, led by Heisman winner and star quarterback Joe Burrow, ultimately defeat a red-hot Clemson University (also the Tigers).

Burrow passed for 463 yards and five touchdowns, ending his record-breaking season.

Trump and Melania watched the game in a box with Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise and actor Vince Vaughn, among others.