‘No One Comes Close’: Judge Judy Makes 2020 Endorsement

America’s beloved Judge Judy has made an uncharacteristic endorsement in the 2020 Democratic primary, backing billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

In a new ad, Judith Sheindlin, who has hosted 24 seasons of the daytime television’s courtroom drama Judge Judy, said: “Mike Bloomberg has done amazing things and will be a truly great president.”

“No one comes close to Mike Bloomberg’s executive achievement, government experience, and impactful philanthropy,” she added. “His steady leadership will unite our country and bring us through these very challenging times.”

During an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Monday evening, Sheindlin explained her support for Bloomberg expands beyond his time serving as the mayor of New York City.

“I like somebody in Washington who is not divisive, and I think there’s enough blame to go around after the November ’16 election,” she said via CNN, adding that “it was a little bit of everybody’s fault.”

“I do think that the President had the capacity to calm down the rhetoric,” she continued, adding “many people were disappointed on that election night in November, and some, other than the President, reacted, I think, badly.”

Sheindlin added: “The last three years should have been spent finding the best possible candidate to run against him. If you lose a race, you’re supposed to spend the next couple of years training for that race.”

Sheindlin also said the presidential candidate has been politically active, on an international level, with climate change, world health, and gun safety.

As the Federalist reports, Sheindlin did find herself disagreeing with Bloomberg’s position on guns.

“When asked by conservative co-host Meghan McCain whether Sheindlin agreed with a Bloomberg statement on guns that only law enforcement officers should carry in crowded places and decide when to shoot, Sheindlin ruled in opposition and distanced herself from the radical idea,” the Federalist reports.

“I am not a Michael Bloomberg surrogate,” Sheindlin defended. “We may not agree on everything. I have always felt that the bad guys will always get guns. I was involved in criminal justice for a quarter of a century before I got this great gig that I have now.”