Mike Rowe Obliterates 2020 Democratic Candidates, Says They Can’t Beat Trump’s Economy

Former television host and author Mike Rowe said not one Democratic presidential candidate would stand a chance taking on President Trump and his handling of the United States economy.

During an interview with Fox News, Rowe described that he watched Tuesday evening’s Democratic debate and said he saw nothing that could compete with historic unemployment and a robust stock market.

“You’ve got millionaires arguing with millionaires over who hates the millionaires the most,” Rowe said during a “Fox & Friends” interview, the Western Journal reports.

The “Dirty Jobs” star said the premise behind taxing the rich did not make sense logically and criticized those Democratic candidates who continue to advocate for it.

“I know it’s convenient,” Rowe said, of increasing tax rates for the wealthiest of Americans. “It’s fun to kind of hate the rich and all, but in the end, they’re just people.

“And they’re going to do the math, and they’re going to go to where the math is better,” he continued.

Rowe said he has personally witnessed a high state tax in a Democratic-controlled California, where he lives, describing it as “unlike anything they’ve ever seen before.”

“I live in California,” Rowe said per the report. “I just read a report that said the exodus this year, as a result of a 13-and-a-half percent state tax, and some other tweaks to the system, is unlike anything they’ve ever seen before.”

The Western Journal adds:

Rowe, who was making the “Fox & Friends” appearance to plug his new book, “The Way I Heard It,” used similar logic to shoot down the ideas of Democratic contenders like Andrew Yang, who is pushing a Universal Basic Income scheme that would give every American $1,000 a month.

“My only concern, not my only concern but my biggest concern with that kind of arguing is … Once you say, ‘OK, free money.’ The next question has to be ‘why not more?’” Rowe said.

Rowe referred to a number that was also reported Wednesday by Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney on Wednesday — a study had found that American household income had increased during the Trump years by an astounding $5,000.

“That’s the beef with the $5,000 surge in the middle class right now,” he said. “How do you argue against that? You simply say it’s not big enough.”