Democratic Donor Ed Buck Charged With 3 Felony Counts After ANOTHER Person Overdoses In His Home

Democratic donor Ed Buck has been charged with three felonies after another individual overdosed in his home.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office revealed that this latest individual survived the overdose but at least two other men have died in Buck’s home to similar methamphetamine overdoses.

The repeated occurrences have individuals believing Buck injected them with the methamphetamines and maintaining his own in-house drug operation.

Fox News report prosecutors wrote in court papers that “Buck used his position of power to manipulate his victims into participating in his sexual fetishes.”

“These fetishes include supplying and personally administering dangerously large doses of narcotics to his victims,” the prosecutors said.

In this latest case, Buck is also being accused of attempting to thwart the individual from getting help.

“The man fled the apartment and reportedly called for help from a nearby gas station,” Fox News reports. “He survived and was treated at a hospital.”

CNN reports Buck was charged with three felony counts which included “battery causing serious injury, administering methamphetamine and maintaining a drug house” and will be arraigned on Wednesday. Prosecutors are expected to recommend a $4 million bail.

Here’s more:

The latest victim isn’t the only person to have overdosed in Buck’s home.

Two men have been found dead in Buck’s apartment — one in 2017 and the other in January. Both of their deaths were caused by methamphetamine overdoses, the DA’s office says in court documents.

Gemmel Moore, 26, was found dead at Buck’s home on July 27, 2017. Moore’s death was ruled an accidental methamphetamine overdose, the Department of Medical Examiner- Coroner’s website says.


The admissible evidence was insufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Buck was responsible for Moore’s death, according to a charge evaluation worksheet from the LA County District Attorney in July 2018.

Moore’s mother filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Buck, 65, in February alleging that he injected her son with a lethal dose of crystal methamphetamine.

The complaint describes Buck as a wealthy white man who “had a predatory and injurious system of soliciting Black men and watching them cling to life.” Both Moore and another man found dead at Buck’s house, Timothy Dean, were black.

Dean, 55, was found dead in Buck’s home on January 7, when law enforcement officials responded to calls that a person was not breathing. When they arrived on the scene, they pronounced him dead.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department ruled in March that Dean’s death was an accident, CNN reports.

Buck and Dean had reportedly been friends for more than 20 years at the time of his death. Buck was not convicted for Dean’s death.