Former Baltimore Mayor Visited The Area Trump Is Referencing: ‘You Can Smell The Dead Animals’

Footage of former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh walking the streets of Baltimore as recent as 2018 has resurfaced amid an ongoing feud between President Trump and Democratic Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings.

In the video, Pugh is disgusted by the conditions she sees—echoing comments Trump made this past week that the city has rodent-infested areas. Pugh, as she is walking down the sidewalk, also remarks on several occasions that she was repulsed by the smell of dead rats and other animals.

“What the hell? We should just take all this s*** down,” the former mayor said last year when showed the vacated apartments.

“Whew, Jesus,” she says on another occasion, per a 2018 Baltimore Sun report.

“Oh my God, you can smell the dead animals,” she added during the tour.

Check it out:

BizPac Review reports these repugnant conditions were pointed out by Trump in a series of tweets last week and Democrats decried them as racist:

But liberals have convenient short-term memory loss in all things related to Trump, quickly pouncing on the president’s factual observations as another example of his racism. CNN host Victor Blackwell actually cried on the air, pointing to a “pattern” in Trump’s criticisms of lawmakers who aren’t focusing on doing their jobs.

There was no such criticism of 2020 contender Bernie Sanders back in 2016 when he compared Baltimore to a “Third World country” after a tour through one of the city’s neighborhoods.

And the former mayor of the city was just as revolted by the conditions, as the newly resurfaced video of Pugh proved.

The president did not take the attacks without a fight, firing back at Democrats who seek only to play the race card and ignore the facts, to the detriment of Baltimore’s residents. Trump blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in tweets Sunday, declaring that “the facts speak far louder than words.”