‘Obama Built The Cages’: Trump Sets The Record Straight In Interview On Illegal Immigration

President Trump knows despite what is told on mainstream media outlets, that he inherited the immigration crisis—from unprecedented numbers of migrant crossings, to at-capacity migrant detention facilities.

During an interview with Telemundo, Trump even doubled down on defending his use of placing of migrants in “cages” until their immigration status is processed. Trump said that too is another result of Obama-era decisions.

“Obama built the cages. I didn’t build them,” Trump said via the Washington Examiner. “Obama separated; I’m the one who brought them together.”

Trump was pressed on accusations that he is unfairly harsh on migrants, which he quickly corrected: “You mean ‘illegal’ immigrants. I’ve been very good to immigrants, but illegal immigrants, yeah … our laws are so bad … the asylum laws are laughed at by anybody in the world who knows anything.”

“I’ve been tough, and yet my poll numbers with Hispanics have gone way up,” Trump continued, the Washington Examiner reports.

“I inherited separation and I changed the plan. I put people together … I hated to have the separation policy … What ‘Zero Tolerance’ means to me is that we are going to be tough on the border.”

The Washington Examiner adds:

Regarding the Dreamers, Trump said, “The Democrats don’t want to make a deal … I can’t get Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer to do anything for the Dreamers. They will do nothing for the Dreamers. They don’t care about the Dreamers … I am willing to make a deal.”

Asserting that he had no problem with immigrants, Trump said, “I love immigrants. Our country is based on immigrants. I want immigrants to come in.”

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