Trump Says He May Have Something Special In Store For The Democratic Debates, MAGA Nation Is Loving It

President Trump may have something special in store for the first wave of Democratic debates that are coming next week.

During a phone interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Trump was asked whether he was considering live-tweeting the debates, Politico reports.

“I wasn’t thinking about it, but maybe I will now,” Trump answered. “Instead of fake news, I’ll make them correct news. And that’s OK.”

“I think it’ll be a good idea. It’ll be very interesting actually,” Hannity pressed.

Several people on Twitter agreed:

And, from Politico:

As Democrats deal with their own internal drama over the first presidential debates leading up to 2020, Trump has been trying to drive attention toward himself. The first Democratic debates will take place Wednesday and Thursday of next week in Miami; both debates will feature 10 candidates.

Trump covered a wide range of topics during his phone interview with Hannity, attacking House Democrats for questioning former Trump confidante Hope Hicks, who was a key witness during former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the 2016 election. The president went off on Democratic lawmakers for making Hicks spend more money on legal fees ahead of her Wednesday hearing before the House Judiciary Committee.

The Wall Street Journal adds:

The president, who has spent years embracing social media for his political advantage, is tentatively planning to live-tweet the debates on June 26-27, according to people familiar with the planning.

Mr. Trump, even from a remove, always promised to be the most important figure at the debate. Regardless of the specific debate questions, many Democratic voters will be listening for how each candidate plans to take down Mr. Trump.

Interacting in real time on Twitter would make Mr. Trump’s presence more tangible by directly inserting himself into the political conversation unfolding on stage. His posts could provide instant responses as well as insights into which attacks he feels most acutely.