Kevin McCarthy Drops Dems With Inconvenient Truth on Foreign Opposition Research

Democrats have quite the gall to insist President Trump is wrong to accept foreign research when it comes to winning an election. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said during a press conference on Thursday it was the Dems who “drove this country… through something we should never have to live again.”

Shortly after Trump told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos that he would be open to hypothetically accepting opposition research, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi erupted in a fury. She called the comment “appalling,” BizPac Review reports.

“The President gave us once again evidence that he does not know right from wrong,” Pelosi added.

She may be appalled by the hypothetical answer, but it was her party that actually engaged in opposition research, McCarthy contended.

Addressing Pelosi’s remark, the California Republican said via the report: “What I am appalled about is what has happened in our election. I watched in the last campaign the Democrat presidential campaign spend $6 million to a foreign entity to travel the world to try to find something when they could not find it, they made false accusations, salacious accusations at that.”

What was the result of Democrats accepting opposition research? McCarthy continued: “Drove this country into a special counsel lasting more than 22 months. Using this false information, sending it to the FBI that went and got a FISA court. Then to spy upon Americans and took us through something we should never have to live again.”

Ouch. He keeps going…

“I did not hear the Speaker be appalled at that. Or to have a chair of the House Intel Committee [Schiff] think that he’s knowingly speaking on a phone to a foreign entity, to supply some other false allegations. And what action did he take? Those are the things I’m appalled about that actually did happen,” McCarthy said via BizPac Review.

Here’s even more from the report:

The Democrats are using Trump’s remarks as further excuse to continue with their partisan investigations of the president regarding Russian collusion, despite special counsel spending 2 years and more than $35 million, only to come up empty.

On Thursday, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., who is conducting a post-Mueller probe of Trump and Russian meddling, subpoenaed former national security adviser Michael Flynn and former Trump deputy campaign manager Rick Gates for documents and testimony, Fox News reported.

President Trump took to Twitter on Thursday to scoff at the collective outrage, saying he meets with and speaks to foreign governments “every day” and that they talk about “everything.”