Trump Hammers Dems In Tweetstorm: They ‘Fight Us At Every Turn – In the Meantime They Are Accomplishing Nothing’

On Thursday, President Trump had a busy morning on Twitter where he covered a variety of subjects and illuminated the fact that he was not charged with a crime during the 2016 presidential election.

Tweeting as early as midnight, the president shared a quote from Fox News’ Laura Ingraham and pollster John McLaughlin.

“Biden would be China’s Dream Candidate because there would be no more Tariffs, no more demands that China stop stealing our IP, things would go back to the old days with America’s manufacturers & workers getting shafted. He has Zero Credibility!” Trump tweeted.

“It’s about peace and Prosperity, that’s how Republican Presidents get elected, and this President has delivered on the Economy and he’s delivered on keeping America Stronger & Safer. Our biggest enemy is not any one of these Democrats, it’s the Media,” he continued.

Trump also praised his former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and his new attorney: “General Michael Flynn, the 33 year war hero who has served with distinction, has not retained a good lawyer, he has retained a GREAT LAWYER, Sidney Powell. Best Wishes and Good Luck to them both!”

The president then turned his attention to Russia and to collusion claims Democrats have repeatedly made about him and his campaign associates.

“Unrelated to Russia, Russia, Russia (although the Radical Left doesn’t use the name Russia anymore since the issuance of the Mueller Report), House Committee now plays the seldom used ‘Contempt’ card on our great A.G. & Sec. of Commerce – this time on the Census,” the president tweeted. “Dems play a much tougher game than the Republicans did when they had the House Majority. Republicans will remember!”

“This has already been argued before the U.S. Supreme Court, but the House doesn’t want to wait. This is a common thread between all of the Committees – do whatever you can to embarrass the Trump Administration (and Republicans), attack the Trump Administration. This is campaigning by the Dems,” he added, quoting Attorney David Bruno.

“So true! In the meantime, they are getting NO work done on Drug Pricing, Infrastructure & many other things,” the president added in his own words.

Then, quoting constitutional lawyer Alan Dershowitz, Trump said: “Congress cannot Impeach President Trump (did nothing wrong) because if they did they would be putting themselves above the law. The Constitution provides criteria for Impeachment – treason, bribery, high crimes & misdemeanors. Unless there is compelling evidence, Impeachment is not Constitutionally Permissible.”

The president concluded: “The Dems fight us at every turn – in the meantime they are accomplishing nothing for the people! They have gone absolutely ‘Loco,’ or Unhinged, as they like to say!”