Survey Says Majority Of Men Uncomfortable Mentoring Women 1-on-1, AOC Calls Out ‘Creepy’ Men

A new study says a majority of male managers are uncomfortable with mentoring, working or even socializing with women one on one, something Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says is the fault of “creepy” men.

CNBC reports: “Senior-level men also say they are 12 times more likely to be hesitant about one-on-one meetings with a junior woman than they are a junior man, nine times more likely to be hesitant to travel with a junior woman for work than a junior man, and six times more likely to be hesitant to have a work dinner with a junior woman than a junior man.”


The #MeToo and Time’s Up movements have brought huge attention to the challenges women face at work, but a new survey finds that 60% of male managers say they’re uncomfortable participating in regular work activities with women, including mentoring, working one-on-one or socializing.

According to the survey, released by and SurveyMonkey, that’s a 33% increase from last year.

Ocasio-Cortez responded: “Is it really that hard to not be creepy?”

Her response resonates with the reason men are uncomfortable mentoring women in 1-on-1 situations, Twitchy reports, as they are often accused of wrongdoing.

Twitchy reports:

It’s hard to blame any man in the workplace for thinking twice about mentoring or working one-on-one with a woman with the narrative we’ve seen spreading from our ‘good’ friends on the Left where basically men are guilty of whatever they’re accused of until they can prove themselves innocent.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blames the men … and basically proved why they are right to be cautious.

“Why would any man put himself at risk mentoring a woman in this current political environment? This does not make men immature or creepy, it makes them cautious, and who could blame them? Kavanaugh ring any bells?” the report adds.

Here’s how some people responded to the congresswoman: