Conservative Blogger Matt Walsh Defends Life In Feud With Former Clinton Aide

A rumble on social media between conservative pundit Matt Walsh and former Hillary Clinton aide Peter Daou offered a full view into the different ideologies between the pro-life and pro-abortion advocates.

The back-and-forth seemed to start with a clash between Walsh and Democratic congressional candidate Brianna Wu, who first criticized Walsh.

“Someone has to finally say this. @MattWalshBlog is a Christian the way Trump is a president. He’s only in it for his own narcissism and anger. He is an embarrassment, uninterested in any norms of civility and decency. And frankly, he does damage to the institution,” Wu tweeted.

Walsh, in good spirit, responded, “An advocate for the genocide of children thinks I’m indecent. I couldn’t possibly be happier with that. Thank you, Brianna!”

Then the feud escalated…

And Daou chimed in…

Daou responded, “I answered your question: It doesn’t matter how I define “human being” or personhood or viability. It’s not my decision what a woman does INSIDE her body.”

He added: “Would you support mandatory organ donation? Confiscate all guns? Stop all wars? Because that would save human beings.”

Twitchy reports Wu also clashed with conservative pundit Allie Beth Stuckey over the Bible’s interpretation of social justice:

Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw also joined in on the conversation: