Trump Hits Back At Fake News: ‘I Know It Is Not At All Presidential…’

President Trump said mainstream media has the details all wrong on his visit to the United Kingdom.

In a series of tweets, the president called Comcast and mainstream media outlets MSNBC and CNN “Fake News,” BizPac Review reports.

“Watched MSNBC this morning just to see what the opposition was saying about events of the past week. Such lies, almost everything they were saying was the opposite of the truth,” Trump added. “No wonder their ratings, along with CNN, are WAY DOWN. The hatred Comcast has is amazing!”

Trump later defended his joust with the media in a tweet that admitted hitting back is “not at all presidential.”

The president tweeted: “I know it is not at all “Presidential” to hit back at the Corrupt Media, or people who work for the Corrupt Media, when they make false statements about me or the Trump Administration. Problem is, if you don’t hit back, people believe the Fake News is true. So we’ll hit back!”

BizPac Review adds:

President Trump’s Twitter smackdown of Comcast, CNN, and MNSBC came after a very busy week, when he visited the United Kingdom to celebrate the longstanding friendship between the United States and the U.K.

The visit was successful, as Trump hit it off with Queen Elizabeth and cemented the countries’ enduring alliance.

But the media only focused on negative news, such as the smattering of protesters. Who cares if unemployed, paid shills come out to protest? Every world leaders attracts protesters. Deal with it.

The state visit was not about Donald Trump. And it was definitely not about the media’s leftist agenda. It was about the lasting alliance between two of the most powerful countries in the world.

The alliance supersedes any one individual. But of course, the media — which are far more obsessed with President Trump than even his most ardent supporters — made Trump’s UK visit all about attacking him.

Here are even more of Trump’s tweets: