MSNBC Shares Photo Of Female Anchors, SJWs Slam Them For It After Noticing 1 Thing

MSNBC took to Twitter to promote that the network had five female news anchors—surely expecting some applause from the equality movement.

Instead, they were harshly criticized by social justice warriors and others because the anchors, Stephanie Ruhle, Katy Tur, Hallie Jackson, Nicolle Wallace, and Andrea Mitchell, are all white.

Check it out:

“Many took issue with the lack of representation of black, Asian, or Muslim women,” the Washington Examiner reports.

The Examiner adds:

While not included in the photo or the article, Joy Reid, who is black, hosts the weekend show “AM Joy” for the network.

“When I started at NBC, I’m quite sure there wasn’t a plan or initiative that we need to make sure the girls are anchoring the shows,” Ruhle told the Los Angeles Times. “I think it worked out that way because it’s who rose to the level at that point.”

Mitchell said: “Our leaders, our company are so committed to women’s advancement. I know this better than anyone, having been here 41 years. I’ve seen it evolve. I’ve seen it when it was not so great in the ’80s and ’90s.”