Rush Limbaugh Torches Biden’s 2020 Announcement: ‘Closest Thing They Can Get to Recapturing the Days of Obama’

Former Vice President Joe Biden officially announced on Thursday morning his intention to win the Democratic nomination and take on President Trump in 2020.

The announcement rang an old and forgotten tune to top conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh who said Biden would never beat Trump.

Biden has run for the presidency twice in the past and failed to garner much attention either time, a trend Limbaugh said will likely continue.

Limbaugh said: “Do you realize how irrational it is to think that Joe Biden could get the nomination in this current crop of Democrat nominees? Do you realize how irrational it is to believe Joe Biden could be elected president?”

The conservative radio host went on to describe that Biden had previously run for the White House twice (and almost a third) in 1988, 2008, and opted out of running in 2016.

“There are Biden gaffes, audio and video, in archive files all over this country’s newsrooms. He hasn’t ever gotten close. Biden is seen as the closest thing they can get to recapturing the days of Obama. They can’t get out of the past. They can’t do it,” Limbaugh said.

As Fox News Insider reports, Limbaugh still regards Biden as the Democrats’ “best chance” to defeat Trump but even he “doesn’t stand a chance.” From the report:

He said the reason is that the media and the Democratic Party still do not understand the fundamental reasons why Trump won in 2016.  

“They still don’t understand who Donald Trump is. They don’t understand how he won. They don’t understand how he’s gonna win again in 2020. They don’t understand the people who voted for him or why. They hold all of that in contempt,” he said, referring to Biden and “crazy” Sen. Bernie Sanders as “brontosauruses from Jurassic Park.” 

Limbaugh said Biden has delayed his entry into the race for so long that he now questions how bad the 76-year-old wants the job.

“I don’t know how badly he really wants this and you have to really want this if you’re gonna have any chance of winning it.”

“Here’s the thing: Joe Biden is probably the best chance they’ve got, and he doesn’t have a chance. They’re probably — Joe Biden? And crazy Bernie [Sanders]? And mayor Pete [Buttigieg]? Three white guys, two of them are brontosauruses from ‘Jurassic Park,’ and that isn’t going to sit well with the rest of this party, which has gone so far left,” Limbaugh said via Fox News.

Ronna McDaniel, Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, similarly commented that Biden would take the country “backwards” to an Obama administration that had a net loss of 193,000 jobs over eight years.

“Joe Biden has no business running for president again. Just ask President Obama, who’s chosen not to endorse his right-hand man,” McDaniel tweeted. “Biden has been losing presidential bids for decades – 2020 won’t be any different.”