Fmr Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schultz Claims ‘Millions’ Of Republicans Will Vote For Him, Points To One Reason

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz believes he can take down President Trump in 2020 because, as he claims, he can steal “millions” of votes in a theoretical head-to-head.

Schultz claims there’s one factor that could help him gain “lifelong Republicans who do not want to vote for this president.”

And that factor? His character, he said to CNN, as BizPac Review reports.

“The reason they’re dissatisfied is [his] character, morality,” he continued.

In the interview, Schultz said he expected some Democratic resistance to his Independent bid, which is expected to take votes away from whoever wins the Democratic primary election. From the report:

Howard Schultz is being attacked by the left because he’s a white male and a moderate Democrat who opposes the radical leftist policies of socialist Bernie Sanders and his bartender-acolyte, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

However, Schultz warned the Democratic Party that it cannot unseat President Trump with its far-left positions because the majority of Americans oppose socialism.

“I have no understanding why they believe that an extreme position that resembles socialism is going to defeat Donald Trump,” Schultz said. “It’s not going to happen.”

CNN previously reported that Schultz’s entry into the 2020 election was met with swift resistance:

So far, Schultz’s testing of the political waters hasn’t been so great.

“Don’t help elect Trump, you egotistical billionaire a**hole,” a protester yelled at a Schultz book event in New York City Monday night. “Go back to getting ratio-ed on Twitter. Go back to Davos with the other billionaire elites who think they know how to run the world. That’s not what democracy is.”

This heckler suggests a few dynamics at play that will shape Schultz’s political fortunes.
People either really love or really hate Trump. It’s not that the middle is silent, it’s just not really there.

While the share of people who call themselves independents is at an all-time high, the partisanship among those independents is also at an all-time high. Independents lean toward one party or the other, and while they have some negative feelings toward the party they lean toward, they really hate the opposing party, according to one Pew poll.

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BizPac Review reports the president “currently enjoys almost unanimous support from the GOP,” making “millions” of defecting voters unlikely.

Here’s more from the report:

Even former Never-Trumpers have thrown their support behind the president. The reasons are twofold: First, they’ve seen how President Trump has boosted the economy. And second, they’re disgusted and terrified by the radical left’s embrace of open borders, mass illegal immigration, and socialism.

While Howard Schultz is no longer CEO of Starbucks, millions of Americans remember that under his tenure, the coffee chain prioritized Muslim refugees over U.S. veterans with its pledge to hire 10,000 refugees.