AOC Dragged On Twitter For Using Fake Accent

Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is playing the victim card after people began to criticize her for using a new, particularly southern accent during a convention on Friday night.

As BizPac Review reports, Ocasio-Cortez’s accent—one that no one has heard up until she spoke to the predominantly black audience—took place during a convention at Al Sharpton’s National Action Network.

She quickly took to Twitter to inform her followers that she is from the Bronx and that she sometimes speaks in a heavy accent.

“Folks talking about my voice can step right off. Women’s March & Kavanaugh speech, same,” Ocasio-Cortez said in a tweet. “Any kid who grew up in a distinct linguistic culture & had to learn to navigate class enviros at school/work knows what’s up.”

“My Spanish is the same way,” she added.

“As much as the right wants to distort & deflect, I am from the Bronx. I act & talk like it, *especially* when I’m fired up and especially when I’m home,” the New York Democrat continued. “It is so hurtful to see how every aspect of my life is weaponized against me, yet somehow asserted as false at the same time.”

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BizPac Review reports the speech itself was overly pandering as she seemed to talk down the potential of those in the audience. Check it out:

An accent that took on a curious southern drawl…

“This is what organizing looks like,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “This is what building power looks like. This is what changing the country looks like. It’s when we choose to show up and occupy the room and talk about the things that matter most, talking about our future.”

She also told the room it’s OK to work menial jobs, as if they’re incapable of aspiring for more or haven’t already achieved more. And to prove that she is down with their working-class selves, Ocasio-Cortez reminded them that she was a bartender.

“I’m proud to be a bartender. Ain’t nothing wrong with that,” she said. “There’s nothing wrong with working retail, folding clothes for other people to buy. There is nothing wrong with preparing the food that your neighbors will eat. There is nothing wrong with driving the buses that take your family to work. There is nothing wrong with being a working person in the United States of America and there is everything dignified about it.”

Take a look at how some people responded to the speech: