GOP Rep: Dems Grant ‘Automatic Death Sentence’ To The Unborn Across The Country

Republican Congressman Brad Wenstrup railed against members of the Democrat Party who refuse to allow the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act to reach a vote on the House floor.

In an op-ed with the Daily Signal, Wenstrup said the legislation simply affords those children born after a failed abortion attempt to receive medical attention that a child born at the same gestational age would be given.

Wenstrup argued the bill should be an easy decision and would be quickly passed but Democrats have blocked the bill time after time, after time, after time… 18 times!

Wenstrup wrote:

The legislation, which I co-sponsored, would provide equal protection under the law for abortion survivors as for any other newborn.

Democrats denied my request, preventing this legislation from even being considered. It was the 18th time they blocked it.

But the central question remains to be answered, especially in the wake of legislation in New York and the Virginia governor’s inflammatory comments: If a child is born alive after an attempted abortion, should that child be refused the lifesaving medical care any other newborn baby would be entitled to?

Wenstrup said the bill is not on the merits of or concern the reasons for getting an abortion. He said the bill is only concerning whether a child born alive should be given care—or, should a child out of the womb still be aborted.

The Ohio Republican said abortions occurring outside of the womb “is the reality of where pro-choice logic takes us.”

“In refusing to consider this bill, the Democratic Party is saying yes to this extreme view. They are supporting an unjust legal double standard, and an automatic death sentence to a viable human being outside of the womb, simply because of the circumstances of their birth,” Wenstrup said via the Daily Caller.

Here’s more:

A Marist survey also found that 80 percent of Americans support limiting abortion to the first three months of pregnancy—a 5 percent bump since the last poll a month before.

As Nelson Mandela once said, “To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.” To deny the survivor of an attempted abortion the same legal protections as any other newborn blatantly does both. And, as always when we devalue the humanity in others, we end up diminishing our own humanity in the process.

This is important, because it isn’t just a question for Congress to answer. It is a question with deep ramifications for the country we will pass on to future generations, a question we all must answer. And it is a decision that we also will individually be answerable for—you and me, each one of us, all of us.

It’s up to us. What will that answer be?