Report: Northam Gives Bizarre Excuse Why It Can’t Be Him in Photo, But There’s 1 Big Problem

Another problem with the Democratic scandals in Virginia is not just the acts alleged, but also the way that Gov. Ralph Northam and Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax have handled the situations.

One might rightly imagine Fairfax would be angry to be accused. On the other hand, it says something about him if he tries to attack or smear his accuser. He pointed reporters to a video of Dr. Vanessa Tyson, claiming it shows the “inconsistencies” of her claim. In fact, it showed her talking about how she was an incest survivor and had nothing about him in it or the alleged attack in it.

And Northam’s response has been bizarre as well. First he admitted that he was one of the people in the photo and apologized. When he realized that an apology would not be enough, he then took back the admission and said it wasn’t him in the photo at all.

And now he’s come up with another argument as to why it couldn’t have been him in the photo.

Of course, that’s a ridiculous argument, as obviously people hold glasses in their non-dominant hands all the time.

And check out the picture that Jerry Dunleavy found:

But there’s also a greater problem with Northam’s statement.

In every picture of him signing bills one can google, he’s always signing them with his right hand.

How ridiculous is this?

HT: Twitchy