‘Every Aspect Of My Life’: Trump Responds To House Democrats Taking First Step To Obtain His Tax Returns

For years, Democrats have alleged President Trump is guilty of colluding with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election.

They failed.

Democrats in Congress then tried to allege Trump was guilty of obstructing justice.

They failed.

Now, according to a report from ABC News, Democrats are reportedly looking into Trump’s personal and financial background in an effort to look for a crime.

“House Democrats will take their first step toward obtaining President Donald Trump’s personal tax returns, convening a hearing Thursday to examine legislative proposals and laws dictating the process to acquire the documents,” ABC News reports.

Here’s more:

The Ways and Means Subcommittee on Oversight will meet to hear testimony from a slate of experts on tax law, including a 1924 measure that allows the chairman of the exclusive tax-writing panel to privately examine anyone’s tax returns. A majority vote from the committee would be required to publicly release the returns, if obtained.

Democratic leaders have argued that the filings could produce a road map for investigations into Trump’s tangle of global businesses and provide a cure for anxiety caused by his refusal to share details about his wealth, debt, charitable giving and potential conflicts of interests.

Rather than investigate a crime, Democratic congressional members are authorizing investigations to find a crime.


The call for Trump to make public his tax returns dates back to the early days of the 2016 presidential contest, when he initially signaled he’d gather the volumes of documents that composed his returns and make them available for public inspection. As the campaign progressed, he dialed back that pledge, citing ongoing IRS audits that would complicate any attempt to make them public. Ultimately, the president never released them.

“There’s nothing to learn from them,” Trump said in an interview with The Associated Press in May 2016.

These actions are not only unlawful and unprecedented, but they also turn the justice system on its head, Trump argued in a series of tweets.

“So now Congressman Adam Schiff announces, after having found zero Russian Collusion, that he is going to be looking at every aspect of my life, both financial and personal, even though there is no reason to be doing so,” Trump tweeted. “Never happened before! Unlimited Presidential Harassment.”

“The Dems and their committees are going ‘nuts,’” the president added. “The Republicans never did this to President Obama, there would be no time left to run [the] government. I hear other committee heads will do the same thing. Even stealing people who work at [the] White House! A continuation of Witch Hunt!”

He later tweeted: “PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT! It should never be allowed to happen again!”

Here’s even more from ABC News:

While some progressive Democratic lawmakers have clamored for the release of Trump’s tax returns, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer told reporters on Wednesday that it’s “appropriate” to take a more cautious approach and hold a hearing before acting to obtain the documents.

“A president of the United States is in a very unique position to individually do things, as this president has displayed probably more than most,” Hoyer, D-Md., said. “And, therefore, it’s important that the American people know whether the president is acting on their behalf or in his interest.”

“We’ll see what the hearing comes out with, but I would expect at some point in time we’re going to ask for the president’s tax returns,” Hoyer predicted.