1.9 MILLION Views: ‘What Is A Man’ Video Response To Gillette Has Officially Gone VIRAL

If anyone was on social media or watched the news over the weekend, then they probably heard about Gillette’s new “The Best A Man Can Be” campaign.

The shaving company announced the launch with the release of a new commercial which encouraged men to do better, be respectful, and stop other men from participating in ill behavior but, despite trying for positive overtones, most people had a problem with the underlying message.

Some people claimed it was offensive and portrayed men as universal sexual predators or serial bullies. Some others argued the video, on its face, showed men as the problem with society and as the ones perpetuating disparaging behavior.

At one point in the commercial, it references “toxic masculinity.”

Then came Egard Watch Company…



The company released an advertisement of their own in response to Gillette’s ad and it has already garnered 1.9 million views.


In the commercial, Egard Watch Company says men are better—much better—than they were portrayed in Gillette’s ad. They are heroes, defenders, hard workers; strong and fearless, but also vulnerable and resilient.


From the Daily Wire:

The video features footage of men in various situations — from fighting fires to hugging their children — while the company’s founder, Ilan Srulovicz, narrates. The footage and narration are accompanied by sobering statistics relating to men.

“What is a man?” Srulovicz asks as a fireman carries a child from a burning building. “Is a man brave?” The on-screen text reads: “Men account for 93% of workplace fatalities.” The number comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).



“Is a man a hero? Is a man a protector? Is a man vulnerable? Is a man disposable? Is a man broken? Is a man trying?”

As each of the above questions are asked, the following statistics are shown on the screen:

Men comprise over 97% of war fatalities. (U.S. Department of Defense)

79% of all homicide victims are male. (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime)



Nearly half of fathers without any visitation rights still financially support their children. (U.S. Census Bureau)

Men account for 80% of all suicide victims. (World Health Organization)

75% of single homeless people are men. (National Coalition for the Homeless)


The Watch Company would probably argue that there is nothing “toxic” about masculinity.

Check out the “What is a Man? A response to Gillette” video below:

Here’s Gillette’s commercial: