Rep. Crenshaw Announces What He’s Doing With His Paycheck During Shutdown, Internet Goes Wild

The mainstream media has fallen in love with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and it’s not hard to understand why they are doing that. She’s young, energetic, and she recites some of the talking points that liberals just can’t get enough of like free stuff and more taxes. However, there are some newly sworn in members of Congress who deserve the attention she is getting but aren’t getting as much love from the media.

One of those people is Rep. Dan Crenshaw. The purple heart recipient who lost an eye in Afghanistan has become a favorite among conservatives but the mainstream media doesn’t pay him much attention. Maybe they will after they see what he’s doing with his paycheck during the shutdown.

Pretty cool. He could easily justify taking the money. He’s working. But, he understands that a lot of people out there aren’t going to get paid tomorrow because the Democrats are playing games with border security.

The internet immediately voiced approval. The post went viral almost immediately.

Classy move.

H/T Twitchy