NO SHAME: Twitter Bans Conservative For Joke About Brussels Sprouts

Some conservatives on Twitter are asking why the platform issued a 12-hour ban for a joke about brussels sprouts. Was it because the person who made the joke was a conservative?

One can only wonder…

The Daily Wire’s Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro announced the ban in a short thread on Thursday morning.

In it, Shapiro wrote: “This is legitimately the most insane Twitter suspension I have ever heard of. My business partner, @JeremyDBoreing, was just suspended for 12 hours for this tweet. Why? Because it was supposedly ‘promoting or encouraging self-harm.’ IT’S A JOKE ABOUT BRUSSELS SPROUTS. WTF.”

Here’s the tweet that Twitter claimed, “violated the Twitter Rules, specifically for violating our rules against promoting or encouraging suicide or self-harm”:


Even better, coat with melted butter, salt, pepper, paprika, and a dash of Worcestershire, sear in cast iron in bacon grease for thirty seconds or until brown, then throw them away and burn your face off with the hot pan because even that would be better than Brussels sprouuts.

6:55 PM – 29 Dec 2018

From Shapiro:

“Here’s likely what happened,” Shapiro theorized, “Some motivated moron decided to flag the tweet and send it to Twitter, and Twitter, doing their typical bang-up job of banning conservatives before asking why, just hit the suspend button without a second thought.”

People overwhelmingly responded with support for the tweet by expressing shock over the suspension.

“Oh man, that’s comedy gold! Good job,” one user tweeted.

“What the heck? This is unacceptable!” another said.