Report: Trump Issues LOWEST Number Of Regulations EVER — AGAIN

The only person in recorded history with fewer federal regulations at the end of 2018 than President Trump? President Trump in 2017.

Trump has set back-to-back historic lows, cementing a deregulatory legacy as the first two years of his administration come to an end.

In 2016, President Obama increased the number of pages in the Federal Register—the basis often used to check federal regulatory impact—to its largest ever in recorded history.

The Federal Register had nearly 96,000 pages—or 95,894 pages to be exact—according to the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

After more than eight years of the federal government growing and expanding of former President Obama, Donald Trump campaigned on slashing the size and scope and he has done that and more.

According to the Washington Examiner, Trump issued “the fewest new rules in recorded history in his first two years,” cutting down the number of pages in the Federal Register to a meager 68,082 pages.

From the CEI:

At year-end 2018, how is President Donald Trump’s regulatory reform project going?

Better than Obama, Bush II, and Clinton in terms of fewer regulations; but not as good as Trump’s own first year.

Let’s look at it.

First, some perspective from a year ago; 2017 concluded with 61,308 pages under Trump; that was the lowest count in a quarter-century (since 61,166 pages under Bill Clinton in 1993). Former President Obama set the all-time record Federal Register with 95,894 pages in 2016.

This time, 2018 Federal Register has topped out at 68,082 pages. (Here’s the December 31, 2018 cover.) That’s a 10 percent increase for Trump over his first year.

While the total number of pages in went up across the two-year period, the number of pages in 2017 (61,308 pages) and in 2018 (68,082 pages) are still lower that at any point under Obama (2009, 68,598 pages; 2010, 81,405 pages; 2011, 81,247 pages; 2012, 78,961 pages; 2013, 79,311 pages; 2014, 77,687 pages; 2015, 80,260 pages; 2016, 95,894 pages).

Similarly, the number of rules in 2017 (3,281 rules) and 2018 (3,367 rules) are still lower than at any point under Obama (2009, 3,503 rules; 2010, 3,573 rules; 2011, 3,807 rules; 2012, 3,708 rules; 2013, 3,659 rules; 2014, 3,554 rules; 2015, 3,410 rules; 2016, 3,853 rules).

Here’s more from the Washington Examiner:

CEI regulations guru Clyde Wayne Crews Jr. said in a year-end report provided in advance to Secrets that Trump ended the year with 3,367 new regulations. That is the lowest since records were first kept in the 1970s.

But Crews noted that Trump’s number of new regulations is lower. The reason: the government requires a “regulation” to kill a regulation, and Trump is continuing on his promise to kill two regulations for every new one he proposes.

While there has been a slight uptick between Trump’s two years, he has announced plans to roll-back additional Obama-era regulations.