WATCH: ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ Hilarious Parody Goes Viral

The Christmas classic song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” has been catching flack recently after a Cleveland radio station said they would no longer play the song, after listeners suggested that it might be promoting date rape.

Of course, it’s supposed to be a mutually flirtatious song as the creator’s daughter has explained. But that doesn’t stop the social justice warriors from the attack.

People have come up with some great responses to the controversy.

Check out the Holderness Family who’ve humorously changed the lyrics to now make the song “safe” for all.

From Fox News:

The woman’s voice says, “I simply must go,” and instead of the man responding, “But, baby you’ll freeze out there,” the revised version goes, “Uber is right outside.” Another line is revised to say, “My mother will start to worry. … Definitely text her right now.”

Other lyrics including, “understood — no mean no” and “you’re free to go,” also align with the values of today’s #MeToo movement.

The Holderness version had 35 million views as of Tuesday morning.