Singer Bette Midler Says Trump Family Should ‘Hang… Good and High’

On social media, liberal actress Bette Midler openly called for the hanging of the entire Trump family.

In the post, which was widely criticized by those who commented on it, Midler said Special Counsel Robert Mueller was “marching” and would be coming to “hang” Trump and members of his family.

“Trump Trump Trump Bob Mueller’s marching,” the post started. “Trump Trump Trump.
And here is why, Trump Trump Trump, He’s gonna hang you. Hang the fam’ly. GOOD AND HIGH!”

This seems like something that would be very against the terms and conditions of the platform, but the post has remained up for days.

People who commented on the post ripped Midler for the open call for violence:

The tweet was hardly the first disparaging tweet the actress has shared of the president.

Midler recently shared a post which called Trump a terrorist, she has called him “the worst person on the planet” and said, “every last one” of his family members should be put in prison.

People are left to wonder if, should the roles be reversed and a conservative called for the hanging of the Obama family on the platform, how the post and their account would be treated, let alone if they worked in Hollywood and how the tweet would affect their career.