Drill Baby Drill… And Stop, Government, Stop

Globalization of the oil industry is keeping America shackled to unfriendly nations, making us less solvent, thus less secure. I’ve been preaching this for 30 years and have had it up to here with Presidents, lawmakers, and greedy globalists growing denser by the day about the issue.

My goal is energy independence for the U.S.

“Made in America” energy is the answer to our economic volatility, to combating government corruption, and keeping us out of endless, winless wars that have become the special-interests’ profit-making business built on the back of evil.

When will the U.S. learn our lesson? What are the magic numbers shortsighted politicians are waiting for? What’s their magic price of crude, their budgetary red line before U.S. bankruptcy, and their acceptable number of U.S. troops KIA… all contingent on our willingness to kowtow to Russia, Saudi Arabia and others who keep their steel-toed boots on our neck.


Let the market work, U.S. politicians! The invisible hand of the free market will TEACH YOU whether it’s ever necessary to manipulate energy output and prices. (Hint: price manipulation is MUCH LESS beneficial to the average American than politicians catering to special interests ever acknowledge.)

Produce our own energy. Let OPEC, the U.N., and other multi-national cabals dictating American policies go it alone while we recover and reestablish our sovereignty.

Greedy, oily politicos who don’t understand the market (or worse, do understand it and deceive the public into supporting endless wars – over oil!) must be held accountable. Crony capitalism manipulating the market will destroy our country.

The D.C. swamp is as swampy as ever and until the White House and Congress get all this through their thick skulls, it’ll just get deeper – with a sick protective oily sheen atop.

Hold the White House and Congress accountable, America.

– Sarah Palin