VIRAL: Strangers Come Together, Amid Political Turmoil, To Help Answer Need — The Video Has People In Tears

Amid a political environment that is often tense and hostile, a new video online has gone viral as it shows a better side of American generosity — restoring hope to a seemingly divided nation.

The video shows two people commit a simple act of kindness to help change a woman’s life.

In the video, two men offered some woman cash to help her afford gas in her car. She then revealed that her husband died just a week ago and she was needing the help. She said she hadn’t planned on asking the men for help but, nearly in tears, accepted it.

Check it out:

“These men noticed a lady paying for her gas with pennies and decided to give her some money. Little did they know, she had just lost her husband and was having a rough time,” the caption for the video reads. “We can all make a difference.”


Twitchy said the video “reminds us all of the good that is in America, that we’re not all that divided in real life, that humankind is decent and giving.” Many people online shared the sentiment as the video has been viewed nearly 6 million times in less than 24 hours.

In this day and age, political turmoil seems to have infected every avenue of daily discourse. Who do you support? What do you think about X? Why aren’t you more vocal, etc? These questions have broken friendships, divided families, and have wrecked the nation. But, moments like the one above help show there in an American altruism that politics, no matter how ugly, will ever be able to break.