WATCH: 9-Year-Old Quadruple Amputee Runs For The First Time With New Prosthetics


People can’t help but smile when they see 9-year-old Moshe Sasokin smiling and running down the halls of Prosthetics In Motion in New York, New York because it was the first time he was able to do so.

As Fox News reports, Sasokin was diagnosed with a severe case of meningitis at just six-months-old and doctors decided to amputate his elbows and knees in order to save his life. Although the young boy grew up a quadruple amputee, with the help of new prosthetics, he is experiencing the joys of walking and running.

From Fox News:

A broad smile plastered to his face, Moshe Sasokin joyfully bounds through the halls of Prosthetics in Motion, which fitted him with custom-made running blades, in video taken last month.

In 2015, he first learned how to walk at age 6 after being fitted with his first pair of prosthetic legs. But the staff at PIM, which is headquartered in Midtown, knew he was destined for bigger things.

“Moshe had never been fitted with running prosthetics before, but he adjusted to the feeling of them very quickly,” PIM’s Emily Grey told Caters News. “When he first saw the prosthetics he was hesitant.”

After some encouragement, the boy was gleefully parading through the halls of the care facility:

“We taught him how to trust his prosthetics and get used to the energy they return — then he was off,” Grey said.

In the video, the adorable bespectacled boy gleefully races staffers in the office – sprinting so fast that at one point his yarmulke flies off behind him.

“It was certainly a special moment for Moshe, his family and all of the staff at Prosthetics in Motion,” Grey SAID. “He loved them so much he took them to camp where he showed all of his friends how fast he can now run.”

Check it out:

Many people online praised and encouraged the young boy: