VIRAL ALERT: CEO Surprises Young Man Who Walked 20 Miles For His First Day At Work

The night before starting a new job, Walter Carr faced an unexpected problem: his car broke down and he needed to travel nearly 20 miles to get to work.

Carr determined if he started walking, he would have to leave at midnight and that is exactly what he did to show his dedication to his new employment.

His dedication was immediately rewarded as the CEO himself gave the young man a new car. The story has gone widely viral, here’s more on it from ABC News:

On his first day of work at a location nearly 20 miles from his house, a young man in Alabama said he was left with one option to get there: Walk.

After Walter Carr’s car broke down, he was faced with the dilemma of how to get to his job site the next morning — it was going to be his first day with Bellhops moving company. He decided to leave his house in Homewood at midnight, after sleeping for four hours, and begin the trek to the home of the family he was going to help move.

After walking about halfway to his destination, Carr stopped for a few moments to rest his legs. It was then that a police officer pulled up to the young man and asked him what was happening. Carr explained his situation and then the officer, who was joined by two of his colleagues, drove the young man to a restaurant so he could get some breakfast, ABC News reports.

Carr was then taken to his destination where, after a morning of walking more than ten miles he would have to begin his work day. From the report:

At 6:30 a.m. Saturday morning, another officer, Scott Duffey, brought Carr to the home of Jenny Lamey, where was set to meet his new colleagues and begin helping her family move.

Duffey told Lamey about Carr’s trek and asked if he could hang out at the home until the rest of the Bellhops crew arrived.

“My heart just stopped,” Lamey told ABC News.

She said she offered Walter food and a couch to lie down on until 8:00 a.m., but he insisted they get to work.

Lamey said she thought about his all-night walk and how he now would lift heavy boxes in the excruciating heat and it blew her away.

“I burst into tears a couple times,” she said.

The woman sought to repay Carr and managed to get in contact with the moving company’s CEO who visited the area with a special gift for Carr:

Lamey found a way to get in contact with Bellhops CEO, Luke Marklin. She shared the story on Facebook and set up a GoFundMe to raise money for Walter to fix his car.

But, Marklin had something else in mind.

“Walter is incredible, and what he did is incredible,” Marklin told ABC News. “It’s everything our company stands for.”

Marklin drove from his home in Chattanooga, Tennessee, to Homewood, Alabama, to meet Carr for lunch.

While Carr walked 30 minutes to meet Marklin, he did not know that the Lamey family, Pelham police and his colleagues were all at a nearby hotel waiting to surprise him.

When he arrived, the entire group was there and Marklin gave him the keys to the SUV he drove to Alabama, a Ford Escape.

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The story is warming hearts across the country: