Republicans Put In Charge. Please, Take It

No outside force will ever defeat America. To paraphrase Lincoln: “If destruction be our lot, we ourselves will be the author and finisher.”

As nefarious actions and bad actors within our own government are revealed via citizen journalists’ findings, we MUST ask who authorized the spies, spooks and snakes?

Who in the Obama Administration permitted the sneaky, illegal actions we hear about today that have led to only REPUBLICANS being accused and investigated?

Under the prior democrat administration, the CIA/FBI’s Stefan Halper reportedly infiltrated a campaign; FBI’s James Comey leaked; DOJ abused FISA; Clinton aides lied and destroyed evidence; IRS’s Lois Lerner spied; etc., etc., etc.


No accountability. No ramifications. Nary a handcuff that would ruin an ordinary citizen’s life had we engaged in illegal, seditious acts.

Check this out:

Stefan Halper Agent Provocateur – In His Own Words…

Instead, results thus far include many running around Washington like chickens with their heads cut off as the majority party plays defense and the losing party continues on attack.

The People’s Movement that voted against the status quo in 2016 ripped the veil off a corrupt power and wealth system that controls the political landscape. We did it to drain the swamp to restore American exceptionalism. We chose an outsider to administratively lead We the People back in control of our government – a candidate who hadn’t been part of the problem within the professional political class.

In conservative circles, where much is said about Democrat’s special interests feeding the swamp and shackling a duly elected President, it must be realized that the problem isn’t only on that side of the aisle.

Sun shining on both parties’ operatives reveal undermining of the People’s Movement.

REPUBLICANS ARE IN CHARGE. We gave them power to investigate wrongdoings that the rest of us can only talk about. (For now.) With great expectations of cleaning up corruption, we also handed them pursestrings to stop bloating bureaucracy and busting budgets, to secure borders, and to sweep our own porch before meddling in messes elsewhere. That is our will.

Powerful Republicans are slow-rolling or outright refusing to protect the will of the people. No investigating Leftist collusion, no border wall funding, increasing debt, infighting amongst the White House team, leaks and falls into liberal media traps, weaseling out on defending winning candidates… these all cause inertia and prove the GOP machine hasn’t really wanted to take charge. Further, behind-the-scenes GOP/Uni-Party efforts already underway to control 2020 presidential politics also prove the GOP Establishment problem isn’t fixed.

Taking the easy route and ignoring real problems will lead to the majority party going the way of the Whigs. Arising from frustration, but also passion and patriotism of independent Americans, a legitimate new party will take serious the internal threats America faces. This new party will determine to clean things up. This new party will earn the support of the people.

Before that, the GOP has better get on offense to protect the people. Drain the swamp – the Red Swamp, too.

– Sarah Palin

Republicans Put In Charge. Please, Take ItNo outside force will ever defeat America. To paraphrase Lincoln: “If…

Posted by Sarah Palin on Sunday, May 20, 2018