Wait Until You See Why This Pic Of Sarah Sanders And Rob Lowe Has The Left Triggered

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders took to social media on Saturday morning to share a picture that was taken of her with famed actor Rob Lowe.

She posted the photo with the caption, “So fun meeting @RobLowe. Incredibly talented, funny, and very nice guy. Thanks for entertaining us all these years!”

Check it out:

Harmless, right? Think again.

As Twitchy reports, some people on the Left found a reason to insult both Lowe and Sanders over the picture and even threatened to boycott future works by the “West Wing” and “Parks and Recreation” star.


As Twitchy also reports, Lowe previously received criticisms for commenting that the “Roseanne” debut received tremendous ratings because the show reflected that people can exist despite their political differences.

“The secret to @therealroseanne massive ratings is that it celebrates people with huge political differences who are able to laugh and love together as they passionately disagree,” Lowe tweeted.

Not everyone was upset at the meeting between Sanders and Lowe as many commented on the photo complimentary of both people: