Sarah Sanders Just Put The Kibosh On The ‘Sh**hole’ Debate Once And For All

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has had enough of the “sh**hole” talk, and she let the press know it during Wednesday’s briefing, according to BizPacReview.

“We’ve wasted five days fighting over one word,” Sanders told reporters.

Check it out:

“In that meeting, the president reportedly used a vulgarity,” asked the reporter. “The White House has said he did not use that specific word. The president has said that as well but a number of people in the administration said he used tough language, rough language, strong language – can you clear up what the president did say?”

“Look, I wasn’t in that room so I can only go off the individuals who were,” said Sanders. “They said that term wasn’t used but tough language was. No one will pretend like the president is always politically correct. He isn’t. I think that’s one of the reasons the American people love him, one of the reasons he won and is in the Oval Office today. He isn’t a scripted robot. He’s somebody who tells things like they are sometimes, and sometimes he does use tough language.”

“The point he’s trying to make, the point that the entire conversation frankly should be focused on, is the issue at hand,” continued Sanders. “We’ve wasted five days fighting over one word when we should be fighting over the people that are involved in the DACA program. If Democrats really want to protect these individuals, that’s who they should be fighting for and that’s what they should be fighting about, is figuring out a permanent solution the DACA. Not a quick fix. Figuring out how to secure the border and increase border security. Figuring out how to end chain migration. How to end the Visa lottery situation. They’re wasting time and complaining the president isn’t doing enough when he is the only one really engaging in this process, and hopefully they’ll get on board, get out of the way, and actually start doing their job.”

There have been mixed reports regarding whether Trump used the term or not.

The president defended himself via Twitter earlier this week.

Trump added that Democrats don’t intend to do anything about DACA—they’re “all talk and no action,” he said in one tweet.

Trump commented on the controversy again on Monday.