Iran Regime Joins Forces with Black Lives Matter, Supreme Leader Viciously Slams America

Your first clue that you are on the wrong side of an issue is when a foreign leader known for torturing his own people is on your side. This is something that America’s Black Lives Matter movement should contemplate after Iran’s oppressive Ayatollah Khamenei jumped to Twitter to come to their support.

On December 27, the murderous “religious” leader of Iran hit his official Twitter account to slam the U.S.A. and to praise Black Lives Matter.

Khamenei wrote, “The U.S. gov. commits oppression inside the U.S., too. U.S. police murder black women, men, & children for no justifiable reason, and the murderers are acquitted in U.S. courts. This is their judicial system! And they slam other countries’ and our country’s judicial system. #BLM.”

This is quite a bit of propaganda coming from a regime that routinely pulls its own citizens off the streets to torture them in hidden prisons, oppresses women and treats them as a second class citizen, and daily discriminates against any religion but its own state approved brand of Islam — the latter of which even discriminates against other brands of Islam.

The Ayatollah’s tweet also comes only days before his own regime began shooting teenagers and young people in the streets for daring to protest for democratic reforms. By December 31, only three days after Khamenei scolded the U.S. for human rights abuses, his regime had gunned down at least 12 protesters.

Yet, here is the Ayatollah using the talking points of left-wingers in the U.S. to attack our country. That’s right, liberals, a man who kills homosexuals, jails dissidents, shoots people yearning to be free, is using YOUR rhetoric to attack our country.

Shouldn’t that tell you how wrong you are, liberals?

Conservative author Ben Shapiro also remarked on how shocking this should be for the left:

Focus instead on the fact that Iran is picking up Left-wing talking points for use against the United States.

That’s no shock. During the Cold War, the Soviet Union routinely used America’s racial injustices as clubs to wield against her; while the Soviets were busily exterminating dissenters, they were pointing to segregation in the United States. At the time, at least this the Soviets could rightly point to America’s oppression of black Americans. But that simply isn’t the case anymore. There is no serious statistical evidence of widespread targeting of black Americans for murder by police officers. There are bad cops; there are racist cops. But the accusation that America’s justice system is designed to let racist cops murder black people for no reason, then acquit them – that’s pure fantasy.

This is just the Iranian regime attempting to curry favor with the American Left by championing its favored causes and flinging mud at America’s skirt, the same way Osama Bin Laden once used global warming as an excuse for terrorism.

Of course the U.S. has troubles. It has citizens who disagree with each other. It has a messy political process, always has and always will. But that is because we have freedom. It is because, unlike in Iran, our citizens have the right to speak their minds.

And if an oppressor – no a murderer – like Ayatollah Khamenei is on your side, you simply must not just wave that off. You should use his support to reassess your own stance and learn to see it as a lesson to teach you where you are wrong.