VIDEO: Trump Greets Coast Guardsmen On Thanksgiving, Makes Joke That Has Everyone Cracking Up

On Thanksgiving, President Trump visited the Coast Guard in Riviera Beach, FL to thank them for all they did during the recent hurricanes, according to Fox News.

Trump gave the troops an opportunity to ask questions, then delivered an update on the state of the nation.

“It’s nice that you’re working for something that’s really starting to work,” the president told the troops.

When his remarks were finished, he and First Lady Melania handed out food to the guardsmen, while taking the time to shake their hands and say hello to each one individually.

President Trump took the opportunity to joke with a few of the troops, including one whom the president joked he’d not be able to beat in an arm-wrestling contest.

“Could I beat him in an arm-wrestling contest? I think I’d be in trouble,” Trump said.

Here’s the clip:

Trump also spoke with troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, and troops aboard the U.S.S. Monterrey in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday.